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?I don?t give a damn if you think you have some sort of right to this place. I don?t care what the Shadow looked like before you got here, and I don?t care if you?re the best thing to happen to this land since the Fall. The only thing that matters is if you can stop me and mine from taking this place from you. If you can do that, then it?s yours by right. If you can?t, you had no right trying to call it your own in the first place.?
-- Jack Timber, Blood Talon

Borders Drawn in Blood

It?s worth fighting for, even dying for. A pack?s land is its lifeline ? it is the haven for their loved ones, the wellspring of their spiritual power, the last battleground. Learn just what it is that werewolves fight for ? and why. The line must be drawn.

A Sourcebook Book for Werewolf: The Forsaken?

This book includes:

? A players? guide to helping design the elements of the pack?s territory, complete with a system for purchasing elements both helpful and baneful

? A comprehensive guide to Storytelling the struggles over territory and incorporating the territory as a character in its own right

? Five sample territories to be dropped into any chronicle

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