Bloodlines: The Chosen

Model/varenr.: EGWW25104

?They say we are inbred and perverse. They say we are amoral, evil. They are not wrong. But we are chosen.? ? Benedetto, Sangiovanni Prodigy

These vampires shouldn?t exist. Arrogant, violent, and proud, their notorious bloodlines discolor the weave of Kindred society. They are feared and reviled, cursed and low ? and almost every single one of them identifies as an extraordinary agent of vampire destiny. For better or worse, they may be right.

A character sourcebook for Vampire: The Requiem?

? Ten new, dangerous bloodlines for your chronicle

? Unique, mysterious and frightening Disciplines, Devotions and rituals

? Storyteller?s resource with optional mechanics and sample chronicles for bloodline stories

US page count: 144 page hardcover

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