No Thank You, Evil!: Story, Please

Model/varenr.: MCG137

The 100-card deck is stuffed full of evocative art and creative ideas, letting you quickly build hundreds of unique adventures for No Thank You, Evil! The deck is the same size as the cards in the original game, allowing you to use it in conjunction with Creature and Cypher Cards as well.

The deck includes:

20 Story Cards: These give you the basis for the adventure. Each card has an evocative piece of art, as well as three ideas to give the Guide to a variety of suggestions to choose from.
20 Place Cards: Location ideas for the beginning, end, or mid-point of an adventure. Like Story Cards, Place Cards feature art on one side, and three written suggestions on the other.
20 People Cards: Characters who might help, hinder, or otherwise interact with the characters. Art on one side makes it easy to show players what a character looks like. Stats on the other side make it easy for the Guide to keep track.
10 Twist Cards: Complications that the players might encounter along the way.
10 Stuff Cards: Objects and equipment that can be used as treasure, rewards, and goals.
10 Map Cards: Blank maps of buildings, spaceships, caverns, and more. On the back are 10 interconnecting tiles that can be used to build a larger map for players to explore.
10 Handout Cards: Invitations, wanted posters, tickets, and old letters which can be handed to players to start an adventure.

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