Critters Below

Model/varenr.: ATR0201

Critters Below is a fast paced survival card game where 1-6 players play as Critters, trying to survive heavy bombings in an underground bunker. It’s survival gameplay at its finest - a tense and fun, fast paced and tactical board game.

Hidden information: cards are mostly face down. If you look at something, it’s
up to you to tell the others!
Semi-cooperative gameplay: there can be multiple winners or even none.
Everyone plays for their own survival, but you’ll need to cooperate.
Condition system: health condition cards in your hand give clues about your
future. But you can never be sure about which one is going to be activated.
Several game modes: play the classic Semi-coop, try the game in Solo mode,
or survive in Full co-op or the competitive "Last Man Standing" game modes.

• 6 Character Cards
• 40 Item Cards
• 3 Facility Cards
• 116 Condition Cards
• 12 Event Cards
• 6 Cheat Sheet Cards
• 1 Wooden Current Round Marker
• English Rulebook
• Cloth Card Case
• Metal Can

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