Hunter: Deadly Prey

Model/varenr.: EGWW55604

A Deadly Game

Monsters exist in our world, lurking under cover of darkness, hiding their depredations behind a veil of lies. You are an ordinary person, but you have discovered the creatures that prey upon us. Now you search the city for supernatural secrets, gathering weapons, tools and lore in your own personal crusade against the unknown. Hunter: Deadly Prey is a horror strategy game for 3-5 players. One assumes the role of the monster, protecting its unnatural existence. The rest are hunters who seek to defeat the creature. But the supernatural is not the only threat that hunters face. Their own goals clash, making them just as dangerous to each other.

A new boardgame for Hunter: The Vigil™. This game includes:
● 12 monsters to choose from to defy hunters
● 100 City Cards, monstrous secrets waiting to be uncovered
● 75 Arsenal and Influence Cards, the dirty tricks that hunters and the monster play
● 25 Hardship Cards, the penalties hunters pay for becoming obsessed with the unknown

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