Model/varenr.: PG002

In ancient Greece, mighty city-states compete in every way:
religion, commerce, politics... even in war. Every city strives for supremacy in a relentless struggle for dominance, each fighting in the name of its own patron god. YOU are the leader of a growing city-state. From humble beginnings you must grow your might and power. You must gather resources from your holdings - gold, citizens and Hoplite warriors - and use them to expand your city and curry favor with the gods. Then, use your military and cultural might to overcome your rivals!
Can your people - and your city’s patron god - claim their rightful place at the pinnacle of Greek civilization?


56 hexagonal tiles, including 5 Acropolis tiles (one for each city-state), 51 terrain tiles, 140 wodden reources cubes, 1 philospher pawn, 6 Myth tokens, 1 last player token, 4 player reference tiles.

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