Politisk Ukorrekt

Model/varenr.: VEN0218

A party Game for tolerant people with black humour.

What is OK to say? What is not OK at all?
Can we joke about anything? Or are there still taboos within your friend-circle?
The demand of being PC is spreading everywhere, also in Norway. Is this a damper on freedom of speach?
Play Politisk ukorrekt (political incorrect) and test your own tolerance.

In Politsk ukorrekt the question cards are white, and the answer cards have 3 colours: bink, light blue and yellow.
all players start with 4 cards of each colour, and at all times have 12 coloured cards in their hand, but which colours might change.

One player starts as judge, draws a white card and reads it out loud. The other players now have to find the coloured card that best fits into the sentence or as an answer to the question.
The cards are shuffled so the judge doesn't know who handed which card in. Whilst you're judge, you can use your time to get rid of a card from your hand and swap it for a new one.
When everyone has handed in cards and they have been shuffled, the judge read them out loud along with the white card, then choose which is the funniest/best suited.
The winning player gets the white card.
First player to 5 white cards win the game.

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