Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards II: Rumble at Castle Tentakill

Model/varenr.: CZE01633

The sleeper hit has awakened! Epic Spell Wars II:

Rumble at Castle Tentakill is finally here and it’s loaded with all
- new ways to deliver a smoking death to all who oppose you. This stand
- alone game is also 100% compatible
with the original game, which allows players to turn an already epic game into an EPIC game. Epic Spell Wars continues its epic quest after airing on TableTop on Geek and Sundry! Featuring game design and all
-new art from the original creative team of Cory Jones, Rob Heinsoo, and Nick Edwards.

New Addition: Creatures!
Delivery cards in this set can also become your pets if you roll well enough. With a familiar by your side for a few rounds, you’ll be unstoppable. But if a big splash of damage is heading your way, why not have your little buddy jump in the way and take that blast instead
of you?

New Addition: Blood!
Collect Blood as you slay your opponents and tempt fate with powerful magiks and
treasures. Use your Blood points to make some spells even more powerful than before.New Addition: Reactions! A few spells will partially resolve even if you die too soon.Now you can play a full

-strength spell without fretting about dying before it resolves. With a Reaction in there, you’ll get your revenge...

Contents Summary:

•128 Spell cards
•25 Treasure Cards
•25 Dead Wizard Card
•8 Oversized Hero cards
•7 Last Wizard Standing Tokens
•6 Blood Markers
•6 Life Tracker Markers
•4 Six-sided dice
•1 Rulebook
•1 Standee

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