Model/varenr.: MFG4124

Urbania is a game of city renewal where you try your hand as a famous urban planner who is working on the re-development of a run-down city. To accomplish the job you must: hire the best specialists and designers. You must submit plans and create blueprints. You must construct new and dynamic buildings to bring the city back to its former glory. If you can manage your projects well, you will become the most renowned planner and take credit for the city’s amazing turnaround.

Game Components: 
  • A 4-fold, full-color game board
  • 49 double-sided building tiles
  • 110 full-color cards
  • 5 wooden player tokens
  • 12 wooden game tokens
  • A full-color, 6-page rule book
Min. Antal Spillere: 2
Max. Antal Spillere: 5
Alder: 10+
Spilletid: 30-60 min
Sprog: Engelsk
249,00 DKK
Lager: 1 stk tilbage på lager
Vægt: 0,739 kg
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