Tiki Mountain

Model/varenr.: AT-B-PSFG-005

In Tiki Mountain players are trying to be the first to sacrifice themselves to the Volcano God and save their island from destruction.

Players will acquire Items and Tiki Totems to help them along the path from their village to the mouth of the volcano. The first player to throw themselves into the volcano (and be accepted as a sacrifice) will win the game.

The Volcano God is very angry and if he doesn't get a sacrifice soon, he's going to destroy the island! You and your fellow islanders must race to the top of Tiki Mountain. If you reach the top first and prove yourself worthy, you may be able to make the sacrifice that saves your island!

There are many paths up Tiki Mountain. Will you choose the longer, safer paths, or the faster, more dangerous ones? Maybe you'll get lucky and find a Hidden Trail or a Rope Bridge that will speed you on your way.

Along the way you'll find interesting items! Grass Sandals and Sturdy Boots can help you climb faster or cross over dangerous terrain. A Big Strong Vine can help withstand the mountain-shaking fury of the Volcano God's earthquakes. If you're really lucky, maybe you'll find the Mighty Tiki Mask or the Conch of the Shark God, magical items imbued with Mighty Power!

Don't forget to look for Tiki Totems. You'll need them when you face the Volcano God! But you can also unleash their power to perform feats of Tiki Magic! Use your Tiki Mojo to steal items from other islanders, create obstacles (like Mudslides and Lava Flows), and more! Some Tiki Magic can even overcome the wrath of the Volcano God himself!

Climb, Tiki, climb! The fate of the island is in your hands!

Min. Antal Spillere: 2
Max. Antal Spillere: 6
Alder: 10+
Spilletid: 30-60 min
Sprog: Engelsk
249,00 DKK
Lager: 2 stk tilbage på lager
Vægt: 1,314 kg
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