Templars’ Journey

Model/varenr.: 20111

Templars Journey is a strategy game in which the player prepare their knights and templar lords for the holy crusade in Jerusalem.
Recruiting your templars in the cities is as important as placing them on your ships, which isn’t always that easy.
Every time player choose their cards, they can play safe, but not so worthwhile actions or more profitable ones.
But if one of the other players has chosen the same action, you’ll receive the punishment for being to greedy.
The better you guess your opponents choices, the more profit you’ll make and finally win the game.
• Full of strategic and tactical choices
• Vibrant Queen Art Work
• Simultaneous action selection with a twist
• Online rules available in EN/DE

• 1 game board
• 5 player tableaus
• 7 cities
• 9 pope absolutions
• 9 mission cards
• 1 chance token
• 1 bishop
• 75 coins (60x 1 gold, 12x 3 gold)
• 30 action cards (6 per player)
• 10 templar lords (2 per player)
• 100 templar knights (20 per player)

279,00 DKK
Lager: 2 stk tilbage på lager
Vægt: 1,938 kg
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