Model/varenr.: BGGDSUGI

Delve into the enchanted woods of Sugi, meet the spirits dwelling there and guide your predilect descendants so they are the firsts to make it to the Temple.

The author, Víctor Samitier (aka Kiru) is a member of the Spanish association of board game designers Ludo, coming from an artistic background in the fields of music and cinema. In 2015 he won the express board game design contest "crearxcrearxcrear" in the Granollers fair “JugarxJugar”.

In Sugi, players represent the spirit ancestors trying to guide their descendants throughout the forest so they find the Temple. Each player has a family tree indicating which are their favourite descendants and win points if they arribe in the right order...

In turn order players must play one of their cards in hand in one of these two ways:

a) Adding the card to the movement line face down. When there are five movement cards they are revealed and the movements resolve.

b) Discarding the card to use its special ability. (Rotate a card o tile, draw cards, discard from the movement line...)

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