Mad City

Model/varenr.: MFG4133

Take on the role of city builders as you race against time and other developers, and strive to build the most lucrative city. Arrange your city tiles in order to score for Residential, Industrial, and Urban areas. Do you dare boast that you have the largest communities or show off your roadwork skills in order to score bonus points? Or do you play it safe to avoid the shame of being wrong? If you're a really efficient builder, you can wrap up your building projects before your opponents and be the only one to score bonus points from your city’s ponds and parks.

Score your districts! If you choose to focus on particular areas, you will become more efficient at building those types of districts. Clear away all the red tape and you’ll be on your way to building an empire! Or at least a really nice city.

Play the solo variant of this game to test your building prowess against The Grid!

Are you ready to build Mad City?!? Then get to work… you only have 1 minute to do it!

- 1 Wooden Tree
- 54 City Tiles
- 24 Contractor Tiles
- 54 Zoning Scoring Tiles
- 6 Player scoring Boards
- 1 One Minute Sand Timer
- 1 Large Bag
- 6 Score Cubes
- 1 Rulebook

Min. Antal Spillere: 1
Max. Antal Spillere: 6
Alder: 8+
Spilletid: 15-30 min
Sprog: Engelsk
249,00 DKK
Lager: 1 stk tilbage på lager
Vægt: 1,06 kg
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