Model/varenr.: BGWET

Jumps through the swamp water lilies and eat the fly! Wetland is an abstract game, but uses a cool theme of frogs, flies and swamps. It is a game designed by Pablo Bella, for 2-4 players, ages 8 and where the games are fast, ranging 30 minutes. The game is to link the 2 tokens of your color, frog and fly, and to get it you will have to move the water lilies of the swamp like a Rubik´s cube it were because if you turn a water lily also you will turn others jamming movements other players or perhaps creating in a shortcut. Each player manages a color, and may only move your frog or fly and these boxes will move to its correspondence color. Get your frog to eat your fly before everyone else. Find the fastest route and confuses your opponents with false moves. It is a very brainy game and count the countless combinations becomes impossible. Wetland is designed for the enjoyment of everyone, friends and family. Play something different and surprise surprising your opponent.

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