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ILIOS Battle for Troy is like a classic strategic game that is easy to learn and fun to master. It is a friendly game because it encourages young or novice board game players to want to do better next time. When you win, you feel great that you did a good job defending and capturing. And when you didn’t win? You want to try again because you know you can do better next time.

ILIOS encourages players to think strategically and to plan ahead. At the same time, the random draw of warrior tiles gives players of all skills a fair chance to win. ILIOS is a pleasant game everyone who ever played enjoys it. It’s a game parents or grandparents can play with children and have fun as if they played with their friends. And children and adults can play with their own friends for some casual fun. It has mechanism reminiscing the classic Reversio and Othello where players go back and forth controlling game pieces.
ILIOS is a board game for all occasions and for all generations. The story of Trojan War brings the aura of ancient Greek warriors like Achiles and Ajax who would play table top games between battles to sharpen their minds. Today’s board game warriors can strategize to control, surround and plunder in a game of ILIOS, also known as Troy.
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