Upon a Fable: Tree of Wonders

Model/varenr.: 103DYS

Add a little enchantment to your Upon a Fable board game by upgrading its components with over 170 wooden game tokens for that distinct Euro-style game feel. Seemingly crafted from the magical Tree of Wonder in the heart of the fairy tale lands itself, these durable wooden tokens replace the cardboard tokens (Fables, Wonders, Deep Sleep, and Starting Player) from both the Upon a Fable base game and the New Kingdoms 7-8 player expansion.

Included in the Tree of Wonders are:

48 custom Fable player meeples (6 sets in 8 colours)
5 silver Deep Sleep moon tokens
a golden Starting Player crown

and 120 Wonders, consisting of:

45 white Magic stars
24 red Love hearts
24 purple Honour shields
15 brown Followers
12 grey Castles

A charming and beautiful addition to your Upon a Fable game that will evoke the majesty and power of fairy tale stories ... right on your gaming table!

179,00 DKK
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