The Sands of Time

Model/varenr.: 91839

The Sands of Time sweep across the ages, burying the cities and monuments of civilizations, leaving only whispers of the glory of ancient societies.
In The Sands of Time, each player rules over a civilization in the ancient world, attempting exploits that will be remembered long after the civilization has withered. History is ephemeral, however, and players must record tales of their greatness to ensure that their accomplishments will be remembered.
Players will harvest, build, and fight their way to a place in the history books, lest they be swept away by the Sands of Time!
The goal for the player is to accumulate the most victory points by scoring Chronicle cards that boast of the player’s exploits. The game’s action takes place on a reproduction of the Roman "Orbis Terrarum" map. It is divided into 26 territories, each of which has a capacity for citizens and structures, and a resource (crops or gold).
Players will receive crops and gold at the start of each turn and will use them to erect structures, and add warriors or to reduce unrest, initiate battle, and annex new territories.
Peaceful interaction between players is beneficial, largely through the placement of caravans, which permit diffusion of the players’ cultures. Players must strike the right balance between competition and cooperation with their neighbors, to propel their civilizations from insignificant, forgettable kingdoms into empires worthy of the attention of historians, and the most lucrative chronicle cards.

Each copy of The Sands of Time contains:

1 large game board
1 chronicle board
5 sets of 63 wooden pieces each in 5 player colors: 20 peasants (larger cubes), 10 warriors (octagonal cylinders), 20 caravans (sticks), 1 "capital" (building), 11 markers (smaller cubes), 1 victory points disc
45 control markers (cardboard, 9 each in the player colors)
30 advance tracking markers (cardboard, 6 each in the player colors)
105 player cards, 21 per player: 7 chronicle cards, 11 action cards, 3 emphasis cards
25 advance cards
26 resource markers (14 crops, 12 gold)
100 structures tiles
1 black dynasty track marker
1 green generation track marker
5 player abacuses
5 player aid sheets
1 start player token
2 dice

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