Plus Ultra: The Court of the Emperor Charles V

Model/varenr.: 00121

We are in the 16th century. Charles V has been proclaimed king of his Spanish possessions and emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. The revolt of the comuneros in Castilla has been put down and now the king is in a good moment to carry out his expansionist aspirations. The forge of a empire is beginning.

The New World has just been discovered and missions of exploration and conquest are sent there. Colonies and settlements are built, new sorts of unknown spices are brought to the Old World and lots of gold and silver are stolen to natives of that far land. It's a thriving age for valients.

Meanwhile bloody wars are waged in the rest of Europe and tons of the New World gold is spent to hold the force of the empire in front of the rest of the european nations and heretics. Catholic Church confronts under the Emperor's shield the Protestant Reformation in order to hold the Catholic hegemony in the Old Continent.

In Plus Ultra: The Court of the Emperor Charles V each player plays the role of a ambitious noble of Charles V's court. The world is full of opportunities for those brave enough to expand their horizons.

The goal is to collect wealth and reputation for the Empire in order to attract attention of the Emperor and become a Grandee of the Realm. To achieve this the players can use the influence of the different characters which they select in each game round. The cardinal, the constable, the viceroy, the conqueror, the admiral and the king are some of them.

In Plus Ultra there are multiple paths to the victory: you can trade with New World goods, finance the Church, start the conquest of The Americas, fight against other european nations... all of that based in a gameplay of selection of actions through 9 characters. The selection and order of realization of actions gives interesting strategic options for the players.


1 Game Board
1 Rulebook (spanish / english)
9 Cards (characters)
10 Cards ("rose window")
5 Cards ("Papal bulls")
6 Cards ("Magellan's voyage")
3 Dice
38 Coins ("ducados")
40 Tokens (resources, farms, etc.)
24 Wooden cubes 1cm ("houses")
20 Wooden cylinders ("soldiers")
4 Wooden cubes 8mm ("ships")
1 Turn marker
12 Wooden cylinder (VP markers)

269,00 DKK
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