Moral Conflict

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Moral Conflict is an innovative blend of civilization game and war game for novice strategy games players. Players can compete or cooperate in Moral Conflict strategy board game as you develop your world power during the Second World War period. While diplomacy and negotiation may take the center stage in the game play, you develop strategies and tactics leveraging of your military power and the resources your lands produce. You can also invest wisely and timely in advance technology to leapfrog your opponents all while guarding your position on the path of the heart!

Moral Conflict is more than a war game, noted Brian Colon, an IT consultant in Texas, “You are leading a whole country; not just an army!” As the head of the state, you make mission critical and influential decisions. Alan George of California agrees. “I’ve been playing war games from Avalon Hill and Strategy and Tactics since I was a teenager. Moral Conflict has been a great game now to share and to teach my son history and that decision makers sometimes have to think outside of the box.”
Moral Conflict Strategy game presents a unique blend of diplomacy, war game and civilization game for strategy board game player of the 21st century.
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