Hoax (second edition)

Model/varenr.: FFG-VA94

The best liar wins in Hoax, a fast-paced party game of secret identities. When an unscrupulous business magnate meets an undignified end, a fierce competition for his estate begins. Each player in Hoax assumes one of seven secret identities, from the resentful chef to the ambitious son-in-law, and attempts to make the other players believe that they are actually someone else.
Players can be eliminated by making false accusations or by getting caught in a lie. Whoever is devious enough to outlast all the other players wins the game!

• A fast-paced party game for three to six players
• Revised with the help of original designers Bill Eberle and Peter Olotka
• Set against a modern background of corporate wealth and inheritance battles
• Intuitive components allow players to keep track of their lies and accusations
• All-new art and graphic design give the game a fresh feel

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