Good Cop Bad Cop: Undercover

Model/varenr.: OWG0321

The Undercover expansion provides each player with an undercover assignment, offering new opportunities to hide Integrity cards and to take special actions. The 12 new pieces of equipment to help you identify the sneakiest of Kingpins and eliminate even the most resilient Agent.

Your Cover will help you conceal one of your Integrity cards, but only for a while. Each time you are investigated, your Cover will conceal the card that was most-recently viewed. Since other players can’t immediately see the card you just viewed when you investigate, each piece of information you get becomes more valuable.

Your Cover also gives you one of 26 unique abilities that only you can use. Hand out some guns as the Arms Dealer! Protect your teammates as the Bodyguard! Set your sights on your enemies as the Sniper!

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