PURGE: Sins of Science

Model/varenr.: AT-B-NFE100

PURGE: Sins of Science

In the distant future, unexpected terror arises from unintended consequences as three factions battle for dominance and survival. From across the stars a great threat descends upon Earth. The Machine Horde – relentless in its determination to consume and expand – now threatens to exterminate Mankind. The Ancients, hyper-intelligent beings of unknown origins, manipulate the schemes of both human and machine to achieve their mysterious machinations. All that now stands between annihilation and survival for the human race is the Emergency Earth Coalition: a fragile unified human government rooted in fear and subjugation. Now's the time to choose your Faction Commander and lead your armies to total war.

PURGE: Sins of Science offers players a full strategy setting which eliminates luck of the draw and lack of resources. Inspired by traditional Real Time Strategy (RTS) computer games, PURGE allows players to upgrade their armies in various ways depending upon chosen technologies, Stronghold attachments and unit choices. Each player controls the flow and pace of army building through a one-of-a-kind gameplay system formulated to deliver a full strategy experience.

Players win the game by reducing their opponents' Stronghold Population to zero. But beware, the tide of battle can turn quickly as the unique game play allows for quick responses and counter-measures to almost every strategy.

PURGE: Sins of Science comes with six 50-card pre-constructed and expertly play-tested decks. Each 50-card deck is represented by a different faction Commander from the three (3) factions available to players. Each Commander has unique playing styles and abilities which offer players a wide range of playable deck types (Offense, Defense, Support).

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